A Bit About Us

Archelyte began in 2013 as the dream of a two individuals with an amazing idea while sitting in a small living room in Sherman, Texas. The two put their heads together and began brainstorming ideas to bring to the open market. This is how Ninja Surfer came into being, as well as many other titles that are still in the works (like Star Core).

It is our dream to develop games that are genuinely fun to play. While we are starting with humble beginnings developing exclusively for mobile, we have big ambitions and hope to bring new and exciting titles to the gaming market with future games that we release. We hope one day to release our BIG idea that would revolutionize the market so much as to create a new genre of game (but we can't talk about it much....YET).

Job Opportunities

If you are an aspiring game developer looking to get into the industry on the ground floor, then we would love to meet you.

For career opportunities email careeres@archelyte.com

What We Do

We make games.
...we play them too.

Meet the Team

Trey VanZandt: Programmer / Director

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Trey is an avid fan of video gaming and has dreamed of creating video games since he was 10 years old, and it was this dream that lead him to found Archelyte in 2014. Mostly self-taught, he has used his knowledge of the gaming world in various projects.

Hunter Shaw: Composer/ Sound Engineer

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Hunter is a multigenre songwriter/composer with a strong background in the scene of writing and performing music. Taking his skills and applying them to create music for video games has been a passion from the get go, and he aspires to showcase his caliber of talent.